Working with file versions in Amazon S3 versioned bucket

If the versioning is enabled for Amazon S3 bucket, a file modification leads to automatic creation of an "old version" of this file. With Cloud Combine, you can easily view available file versions and manipulate them.

To view the list of file versions stored on cloud, select the desired file, and in the context menu choose Show Versions..., or press Ctrl+Shift+V:

The file versions window appears:

For the versions, the following operations are available from the context menu:

  • Restore to This Version restores the file to the selected version.
  • Copy copies the selected version to the clipboard, so it can be later pasted to a file panel or to Windows Explorer.
  • Get Public Link to Version... allows to retrieve a public web link to this file version.
  • Delete Version deletes the selected version(s) from cloud storage forever.

Also, you can drag a version to a file panel or to Windows Explorer to make a copy of it.