Creating new Amazon Cloud connection

To create new cloud connection, please select File/New Cloud Connection... from main menu or press Ctrl+N

The dialog appears in which you select the desired cloud service provider:

Select Amazon AWS and click OK.

The New Amazon AWS Connection dialog appears:

In this dialog:

  • In Access Key ID field enter your Amazon AWS access key ID
  • In Secret Access Key field enter your Amazon AWS secret access key
  • In Display Name field enter your cloud connection display name, which will be used to display it in Cloud Combine
  • If you want to use SSL (HTTPS) for your connection, check the Use SSL checkbox

After you have entered your connection settings, click Test Connection to test your connection, or OK to create the new connection.

After the connection is created, it is displayed in Cloud Explorer tool window.

Later you can edit your cloud connection settings by selecting Edit... in the connection context menu, or pressing Alt+Enter.